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Reviews From Past Attendees

LatashaHaynesSMLatasha Haynes

Ike & Tash Photography

“The work this group is doing to equip photographers is something to be admired. I could see so much heart for our community just poured into every activity, every detail, every word that these leaders spoke over their community. They love their people!”

KristinMilitoSMKristin Milito

Kristin Milito Photography

“I felt ALIVE! You all have such wonderful vibes, and thoughts, and brilliance about you. I’m impatient to learn the next retreat date and location. How long do I hold my breath for?”



Dana Berenson

Dana Berenson Photography

“What motivates me to aspire towards greatness is being surrounded by greatness. These past few days I was surrounded by greatness, full of talent and amazing creativity. I’d have to say my take away from this week is that the sky is the limit in so many ways in regards to photography and my business. Thanks so much NAPCP for recharging my batteries .I am thinking of my business in a new way and that is always a good thing.”


MaryGraceSMMary Grace Pingoy

Jmotive Photography

“I learned so much. Thank you for putting on such an awesome workshop!”

StefanieKnightSMStefanie Knight

Sweet Life Photography

“One word sums up this week for me … Amazing!”



Jennie Pyfferoen

Jennie Pyfferoen Photography

“Thank you isn’t nearly enough. Even as a more seasoned photographer who just wanted to mingle with others and enjoy some time with photographers with similar interests, I didn’t expect to walk away with so much inspiration, motivation, and knowledge.”


SheenaMagnesenWebSheena Magnesen

SMM Photography

“Thank you for making that light bulb over my head basically explode with great advice!”

WillyWilsonSMWilly Wilson

Life Unstill Photography

“Thank you so much, every one of you, for the kindness and acceptance and for helping me see myself and my work in a different light. You have no idea how much that means to me.”