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Mandy Johnson



Class Description:

In this class Mandy will talk about the importance of finding and marketing to your ideal clientele. After more than a decade of serving Nashville’s most discerning celebrity families, Mandy has learned that it is just as important to create a niche market as it is to have a niche specialty. Mandy will share strategies to identifying who your ideal client is, where to find them and how to gain them as a client. Then, she will show step by step how to sell (without really “selling”) while maintaining the relationship so they remain a longtime client.

Mentoring Options (Optional $200 Add On)

Mandy is available for one hour mentoring sessions to discuss all aspects of shooting and owning a photography business. This session will be completely catered to your needs and concerns. Possible topics to be discussed are shooting techniques, lighting techniques, a portfolio review, website review, business (marketing, pricing, branding), after-session workflow, or one hour of Q & A.



a lover of nature. a friend to all. hater of traffic. wife to her high school sweetheart. two teenagers that call her mom. lover of starbucks & wannabe lover of books. disliker of mean people. a longer of all things tangible. dreamer of a more joyful, kinder world. seeker of all things lovely. future world traveler & missionary. photographer that knows her blessings are abundant. giver of smooshy hugs & owner of a contagious (maybe annoying) laugh.  

Or, if you want to get all formal…..

Mandy Johnson is an award-winning, Nashville-based professional photographer who can often be found working magic in her studio in historic Franklin, TN. An old soul inspired by all things vintage and a dreamer of a simpler life, her clients include celebrities, musicians, pro athletes, and adorable families that trust her with their stories. Mandy’s work has been featured in many media outlets including PEOPLE COUNTRY edition, TODAY, The Rachel Ray Show, Ellen Show, The View, PEOPLE magazine, Southern Living magazine and numerous local publications. She is a proud member of the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP), strives to be the best that God has made her to be, and is always looking for more kindness in the world!